Pay & Play

Pay for the activities you want to do, when you want to do them.

  • £7.50 (peak) or £5.00 (off-peak) to use all the facilities in the state-of-the-art 80-station gym 
  • £8 to participate in a fitness class
  • £12.00 personal fitness induction and tailored exercise programme
  • 20%* off court hire for rackets and other activities
  • Changing facilities
  • Exclusive member competitions and access to event discounts
  • Use the creche for £3 per hour.

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£25 a year, no monthly bill

To comply with physical distancing regulations and to ensure a fair allocation of time for each customer we will be allocating time slots for available activities. The time slot will include the allowance for safe arrival, movement through the facility, changing (if permitted) and leaving the premises.

Timetables and activity time slots are now available and bookable via the Better UK app or online.


Booking on the Better UK app   Book online