Meet the team - Rosie Barr - Personal Trainer

We’re excited to welcome a new face to the team and for you to meet Rosie Barr, our newest personal trainer based at Copper Box Arena.

Rosie fell in love with gym workouts and training around three years ago and since then, she’s been on incredible journey, seeing exercise as a great to manage and boost your wellbeing. This is just one of the many reasons why Rosie was inspired to become a personal trainer herself!

“I wanted to help other people overcome their own struggles,” she explains. “The gym is my passion and I train six days a week. I want to motivate people and push them out of their comfort zone so that they feel confident in the gym.”

Rosie believes that her role as a Personal Trainer gives her the opportunity to make a positive contribution to local communities. “Helping others reach their fitness goals and live healthier lives is such a fulfilling way to make a difference. I love that I get to stay active and immersed in a field I’m passionate about.”

We’re very excited to welcome Rosie to the team!

Have you ever considered Personal Training?

Having a personal trainer can make a big difference, and it's always motivating to feel like there’s someone ‘in your corner’. Rosie believes this can make a big difference when it comes to achieving your fitness goals.

“A trainer can help you stay on target by introducing new exercises and techniques to keep workouts exciting and challenging for you. Having a trainer can boost your motivation and push you to reach you full potential.”

Are you feeling nervous about taking your first steps with fitness?

Rosie understands how lots of people are looking for ways to support their mental health and boost their wellbeing through fitness and gym training, but it can be nerve wracking taking those first steps. Rosie herself has managed to overcome challenges in the past including overcoming an eating disorder. So, if you’re looking for someone you can speak privately with, a trainer that can support you in reaching your goals and understands that we’re all fighting our own battles, then Rosie should be your first point of call.

Make the most of your free consultation

Rosie is excited to join the team at Copper Box Arena and meet all our incredible members and we’d like to remind all our customers that as a Better member, you are entitled to a complimentary Personal Trainer consultation session.

Don’t delay and book your FREE consultation with Rosie today!

For information on how to book your consultation please contact Rosie on 07514 041663 or alternatively email here at