Clubs & Partners

At Copper Box Arena, we take pride in our strong relationships with our esteemed clubs and partners. Together, we've cultivated a vibrant community dedicated to sporting excellence, nurturing talent and promoting a shared passion for athletics and team spirit.

London Lions

London Lions are a British professional basketball team that compete in the British Basketball League as well as the EuroCup. The two-time BBL champions have played out of Copper Box Arena since 2012.
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London Pulse

London Pulse compete in the Netball Superleague the country’s premier domestic competition but, they offer much more than just the Superleague. London Pulse aim to attract, inspire and develop the most talented netballer players across London. They are passionate and determined to help them to rise not only to make them the next generation of leading netballers for their schools and clubs, but for London Pulse and England netball.
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